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High-quality towels have become an essential aspect of hotel bathrooms. Our selection of luxury towel collections are crafted from the finest yarns and undergo stringent quality control measures. Whether you require small white cotton hand towels or large bath towels, we have a range of towels to accommodate every bathroom. Purchase our wholesale luxury hotel towels and other bath linen today. Add a personalized touch to your towels by exploring our embroidered linens.

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Towels Types​

Bath Towels

We supply the 100% cotton bath towels. These towels completely dry up the body after a shower or bath. It is available in different Colours and Sizes.

Spa Towels

Our spa towels are as large as a bath sheet since it needs to cover the whole body. These towels are soft and good absorbers to quickly remove the sweat from the body.

Gym Towels

These are medium-sized towels used in the gym to wipe sweat off the body. Our gym towels are highly absorbent and it is made up off microfiber material.

Beach Towels

Our beach towel is a large and thin towel meant to be used for long periods in the sun. These towels dry fast and are used in the sand or on concrete.


We provide heavy fleece bathrobes to keep the body warm in winters and light weight bathrobes are also available for summers.

Hotel Towels

These towels are made up off high quality cotton that makes them absorbent, soft, and fluffy.


Component Inches Centimeters
Face Washer13 x 1333 x 33
Hand Towel18 x 26   &  16 x 3045 x 65
Bath Towel28 x 55  &   27 x 5470 x 140
Queen Towel30 x 5676 x 143
Bath Sheet35 x 6390 x 160
Bath Mat24 x 35  &  20 x 3460 x 90
Decorator Mat31 x 2080 x 50
XL Runner Decorator Mat47 x 20120 x 50


Don’t worry about towel maintenance. All our high-quality towels are machine washable without losing their softness, colour and structure.